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El Centro del Centro / The Centre of the Centre

Mexico City, Manchester, 2015
ethnography-based video installation
24 min





exhibited at the Manchester Granada Centre's event called »Cric?Crac! 2015«, 15th - 17th of October 2015.

presented at the Visual Anthropology and the City Symposium by the Royal Anthropological Institut and University College London

The project Centro del Centro [engl. Centre of the Centre] is a multi-channel video installation by Michael Dieminger. Based on two months of ethnographic fieldwork in the neighbourhood of La Merced, Mexico City. It is composed of an immersive double-screen projection giving an auratic sense of the place, and four 15-minute-long interviews to be listened to individually. 

Four Persons tell their personal story of the transforming La Merced. Via headphones it can be listened to each actors personal reflection and experience about they have with the place. During listening a  glimpse into a knowledge about the place appears and disappears in the variety how human engage with places. The double-screen projection presenting the sensorial experience of being at the place. The installation reflects on the multi-vocality of perceptions and the multi-spatiality of places. The immersion of time and space, the temporality and the transformation of space is present in the material world and provoking an immediate contact with the network of “lifeworlds”.  


stills from the interviews
still from the split-screen projection
installation view
installation view
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