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2016, Leipzig
music video installation, interview, translations

dazwischen/in/between Exhibiton curated by Nanette Snoep at the GRASSI Museum for Ethnography, Leipzig.


The Afghan artist Mustafa Bahaduri puts it very clearly: "The people who come here as refugees did not come for nothing." Like many others, he lost his home in two senses of the word - destroyed by the war, unreachable after fleeing. He had to flee over nine years ago - nine years unprotected, without a home, nine years as a stranger in a foreign land.

Hip-hop and Rap have accompanied Mustafa Bahaduri since the age of eight. Throughout all stages of his travels through Iran, Turkey, Greece and finally to Germany, he felt a great need to express his escape and the situation in his home country through art. However, in his songs he speaks not only for himself and his family, not only for Afghan war victims and refugees, but sees himself as a megaphone for all people of all nations who are defenceless and without a home. But his music is also for those who have not had this experience of exodus and of being a stranger. He therefore joins a tradition of hip-hop that has set itself the task to educate people about social ills and to make these criticisms available to a wide audience. The work "Enough war" is his outcry – both a cry for help and rebellion. The message: "Listen to me! Look at me! I have nothing to lose."

Mustafa Bahaduri
installation view
installation view
installation view

                              is a collaborative work from an Afghan rapper, artists, anthropologists reflection about the life in Afghanistan and the experience of being an refugees. 

the installation, with the music video, an interview and various translation of the song text offers there channels of interpretation and engagement. The music as the voice of Mustafa and as he says for all refugees delivers a strong message. The interview instead gives a insight about Mustafas personality and thoughts. At the end various translation invites for a participation telling on thought and experiences and adding of helping to translate the song text in more languages. The open-ended process of translation with currently English, Turkish, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Arabic, French, Chinese, Vietnamese shall help to keep a communication open. 

Musician - Mustafa Bahaduri
Beat - Jakob Gruhl, ecoplastic
Artistic director, video and editing - Michael Dieminger
Producer and concept - Maxie Jost and Thomas Schröder
Translations - Maja Dębska, Zhouyi Jiang, Hanna Mishchenko and many more... 

dazwischen/in/between exhibition
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